Camera Inspection
Camera Inspection

Video / Camera Inspection is a key component to our operation. We consider this to be the first line of defense in our repair process. Our video inspection allows us to remove the guesswork from having to figure out where the potential problem or problems come from. This is the first step in our No Dig process. Using our superior camera technology our technicians are allowed to properly see and troubleshoot any faulty pipe and pinpoint the cause of your current problem.

We know that pipes come in many different sizes, quality, and curvature. Regardless of the pipe used in your application the fact remains that all things over time are prone to deteriorate, age, or break down. Our camera inspection system allowed us to get a full detailed look inside of your pipe regardless of its current condition, size, bends, and more. We use shadowless LEDs that provide high intensity illumination making it easier for us to see in even the darkest situations.

In order for us to correctly provide you with solutions and detailed job overview this inspection is the first step in the process. A simple detailed video inspection could potentially save you thousands of dollars and time in trying to figure out where the potential issue within your pipe stems from.

Common Pipe Problems
There are many factors and reasons that cause pipe problems to occur. If you are noticing any sign of failure in your pipes we have compiled a short list of common culprits. Common corrosion, Failure of pipe material, Roots, Paper waste, Food waste, Coagulated Grease, Blockage, Harsh conditions are just some of the many common issues that we have seen.

How it works
Our camera system is completely waterproof and is equipped with everything we need to be able to completely inspect your piping onsite! Our inspection camera system comes equipped with joystick controls, 3x zoom, 8" LCD monitor display, interchangeable self-leveling pan lift camera heads, as well as a distance counter that ensures we are able to capture every aspect of your piping.

We start by first inspecting your pipe by using our joystick-controlled pan/tilt camera in combination with our adjustable illuminated pan/tilt camera head we will capture both video and still images from deep inside pipes.

Our certified technician will then use software combined with imagery to view and inspect, document, and add notes throughout the inspection process with the use of an onboard keyboard.

We then save all images, video, and documented information that we can transfer to an SD Card or a USB Drive if we need further inspection. This information combined with the footage helps us provide a solution to you.

From there we will be able to create a detailed in-house report that will be documented in-house. A full detailed report will be presented to you on what the cause or your issue is coupled with a solution on how KMB Trenchless Sewer and Pipe Renewal can resolve your pipe!
Camera Inspection Images
Camera Inspection Inside Pipe
Camera Inspection Photos
Camera Inspection Results
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Cross Bore Inspection

Cross Bore is when one underground utility intersects with another. Think of a smaller utility pipe breaking through another pipe, which can become an issue when dealing with a waterline or sewer line. With the use of trenchless technology and horizontal or directional drilling Cross Bore has become more problematic. This happens when the drilling area is not properly inspected as the operator could not see what was in the vicinity of the drill bit. The way to discover this is by using video / camera inspection.

If at any time you suspect a blockage is potentially caused by a cross bore, never attempt to clear the blockage. Immediately contact us at KMB and we will direct you in what steps to take next.

If for any reason your smell or think that your cross bore may be a gas line or a gas leak - please follow these steps:

 #1 Evacuate the area right away

 #2 Call 911

 #3 Contact your local gas utility company

We cannot stress enough how important the above steps are.



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