Commercial Pipe Work

December 1, 2023

Does your home or business have old pipes? Old pipes can break down over time, making it harder for materials to flow down the drain properly. Clogs deep in your sewer system can be nearly impossible to clear without professional tools. For more information on sewer line camera inspections and drain cleaning call KMB today.

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Sewer line leak issue

November 24, 2023

Continuously over a period of time a sewer line leak can cause the land or pavement around your home or business to become unstable, which may result in a sinkhole. A simple detailed video inspection could save you thousands of dollars and time in locating where the potential issue within your pipe stems from. Contact […]

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Outdoor plumbing leak?

November 17, 2023

Do you have a noticeable pool of water in your yard? Is there a foul odor coming from it? This could be a broken or damaged sewer line. Quick leak detection is important. Call KMB today to schedule a camera inspection of your sewer line. 570-238-5179

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Epoxy Pipe Lining

November 9, 2023

Trenchless sewer line repair with epoxy coating has many benefits, including a lower cost option, and is guaranteed to have no leaks for ten years. Contact KMB today for more information about our trenchless sewer line repair cost and process. 570-238-5179

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Zero Dig option

October 24, 2023

Can you imagine not having to dig a trench to repair your old sewer pipes? Don’t just imagine, it can be a reality! Our new trenchless zero-dig pipe repair and rehabilitation methods allow for a faster, less invasive option. Avoid digging up your yard, landscaping, driveway and sidewalks. Contact KMB Trenchless Sewer and Pipe Renewal […]

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Aging Sewage Pipes cause problems

October 13, 2023

Did you know that The American Society of Civil Engineers indicates that the nation’s 500,000-plus miles of sewer lines are on average over thirty years old? The increase in the number of homes connected to already aging sewage systems has also contributed to rapid increases in sanitary sewer backups. No one wants to deal with […]

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Sewer Pipe Repair Work

October 6, 2023

Tree roots seek moisture and can make their way into sewer line cracks and pipe joints and can cause extensive damage or blockages as they grow larger. If the infiltration is not detected in time, sewage can start backing up into your home and/or business through either the toilet, or shower, or floor drains. A […]

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Pipe Camera Inspection

September 29, 2023

Protect your house from sewer backups! Drain camera inspections can help you discover root invasions, broken pipes, rust, clogs, and other signs of damage. If you have a clogged drain, or sewer pipe issue, call KMB today 570-460-0111.

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Trenchless Pipe Technology

September 22, 2023

Tree roots are a notorious cause of sewage line damage. If your main sewer line is compromised, then you’ve got two options to fix it. The first is, you can dig up your yard and replace the sewer pipe, which can be costly. The second is an invasive approach with our new trenchless technology. A […]

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Zero Dig

September 15, 2023

Pipe lining can significantly reduce your chances of having to pay for an expensive plumbing repair. With our new trenchless technology, KMB Trenchless has the ability to solve many underground pipe problems without the need to dig. Some indicators that you need your pipes lined:    Get the new piping you need without removing your old […]

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